Staff Information

Next Generation Empowerment "The Path To Success" Summer Academy 

For Rising 5th Grade And Rising 9th Grade Students


Each staff person is expected to be familiar with the readings and policies relevant to that individual area of responsibility. See page bottom for director’s biography.

  • Camp Policies and Procedures Handbook: Policies / Procedures (Click Here To Download)
  • Staff Guidelines: Staff Guidelines (Click Here To Download)
  • Effective Teaching: Effective Teaching (Click Here To Download)
  • Manage the class rooms and Transitions
  • Manage means have a plan – practice it and stick to it.
  •  Behavior is better when the youth are busy and move smoothly knowing what and when to expect activities.
  • Clean up anything around the academy – don’t assume the next person is going to pick up the paper. Check on and straighten up bathrooms behind your group.
  • Depending on age, most youth should not be unescorted in any part of the building.
  • Building damage happens but it must be reported ASAP – especially carpet spills.
  • Have no more than 2 in a bathroom and monitor use and cleanliness.
  • Be strict with horseplay. Pulling, pushing, wrestling and running gets out of control and become aggressive quickly.
  • Teachers should have their class list with student information available at all times.
  • Pay attention to and plan to stop negative behaviors. Name calling, bullying, making fun of, tattling, and any range of negative behaviors should be addressed before they become a larger problem.
  • Music around camp or on camper’s MP3’s should be acceptable music
  • Academics and activities should not be not optional for any student.


  • The preparation of lunch will be a task for the Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center management team.
  • Be certain students are eating something for lunch and report anyone consistently failing to eat. Be aware of hydration needs.
  • Students will be required to end the day in their classroom and escorted to appropriate after care areas before the teacher relinquishes them.
  • Parent Sign out is required and youth.


All accidents must be reported no matter how minor they may appear. Please use an accident report form to document and return it to the director immediately. Anything bleeding or really requiring ice (not just TLC) needs an accident report. The rest only needs a sign out note. We do not want to send a youth home bruised cut or bitten without a comment to the parent or a note on the sign out sheet. First aid supplies are in the academy office.

In a severe injury notify all administrators and move the youth to a quiet place. Call 911 if the injury warrants.


  • YOU control your classroom. YOU decide what is appropriate and when it is appropriate. Anything that distracts from the participation and smooth operation in your classroom is subject to “go away”.
  • Administration will back you fully on any decision to eliminate distractions.
  • Smoking, alcohol and drug use are not allowed by staff or students on site.


Selling, trading, and swapping anything at the academy is forbidden.

Many problems have come from activities that involve cards, trading and game boys. We do not forbid students to bring cards to show or game boys to use but be aware that we have had many lost items, outright thefts, or older youth taking financial advantage of younger youth. We discourage youth from having these items at the academy and any loss from their presence is the youth’s responsibility; however, you should monitor this activity closely.

Director’s Biography

Since the age of 15, Jeffery D. Henderson has been an advocate for youth when he first spoke at Harvard University at the National Council of State Committees for Youth Helping Youth.

While attending St. Paul Central High, MN, he was involved in following youth programs:

  • All City Student Council (President) 
  • Burlington Northern Law Association
  • Burlington Northern Law Association (President)
  • Mayor's Youth Commission
  • School Board Youth Advisory Committee, and
  • Senate Aide  

While attending Clark Atlanta University (Atlanta, GA), he was President of Phi Beta Lambda (College Business Association) and a member of the Cinema Club.

During his adult years, he has been involved in the following:


  • Chairman of the Board of Directors for Sinfo-Nia Youth Orchestra/Dance Company
  • Vice Chairperson of Operations of the Board of Directors for Health Promotion Action Coalition, Inc. (HPAC)
  • Board Member of the Board of Directors for Picture of Health, Foundation, Inc.


  • Board Member of PACE (Professional Association of Customer Engagement).
  • Board Member of More than Conquerors Inc.
  • President of Grace Heritage Christian Academy PTA
  • President of the Chamblee Charter High School Lady Bulldogs Track and Field Team
  • Vice President of Chamblee Charter High School PTSA
  • Vice President of Chamblee Charter High School Booster Club
  • Vice President of Chamblee Charter High School Girls Basketball Team
  • Big Brother/Big Sisters Mentors
  • Certified as an Official for USATF
  • Youth Leader
  • President of the Christian Brotherhood
  • Christian Education Director
  • Building Fund Chairperson
  • Event Planner



This summer academy will be held week days at the Stars and Strikes Family Entertainment Center located at 1700 Winder Highway, Suite 100, Dacula, GA 30019, from May 26, 2015 to August 7, 2015 (9:00 AM - 3:00 PM). Extended hours are available from 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM.