Youth Crisis Support Resource Center

Listed below you willl find YBU's Youth Crisis Support Resource Center which we hope and pray will be of some benefit to a youth,  parent, and/or adults in their time of need:

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 Teen Health and Wellness Hotlines:

Covenant House: www.covenanthouse.org404-589-0163

Peachford Hospital if Insured: 770-455-4200

Fulton County Behavioral Health if Uninsured: 404-613-5675

National Runaway Safeline:, 1-800-786-2929

National Center for the Prevention of Youth Suicide:

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Anti-Drug Abuse Awareness Campaign Promo Video:

VIDEOS - The Reality of Drug Abuse:

Mother Against Drug Drivers:

Mother Against Drug Drivers:

Psychology Today - Therapist:

Private Drug Treatment Centers:

Teen Treatment Center: They have a confidential chat line:

The Partnership and

Betty Ford Center:


Choose Help:

NIDA:  The Science Behind Drug Abuse:

Above the Influence:

The Cool Spot:

National Institute on Drug Abuse:

Alcohol Free Children:

National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism:

Teen Health and the Media:

Time to Act!:

Teen Drug Abuse:

When Teens Lie About Drugs:

Courage to Speak:

The Effectiveness of Mandatory Student Drug Testing:


Drug Abuse Video:

Teen Drug Abuse—Parent’s Awareness: