GM and AD

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As General Manager and Atheltics Director, one of Christopher Paul DiLorenzo’s goals in his new role as Youth Business University’s General Manager and Athletics Director will be to  build a competitive sports program in various sports such as e-games, bowling, basketball, track and field, lacrosse, golf, fencing, archery, tennis, soccer, martial arts, and football over the next 7 years.  

DiLorenzo played four years of professional baseball three of which were with the Kansas City Royals and the other one with the Jacksonville Suns.  Heis a graduate of the University of Georgia and was a former professional baseball player in the Kansas City Royals organization.

Currently,  DiLorenzo is the President of The James Paul Group, a sales consulting and training firm that specializes in the banking industry.  In his 30+ years of bank consulting, he has assisted thousands of bankers by increasing market share, efficiency and profitability.  His extensive background includes strategic planning, recruiting, team building, strategic account management, market and competitive analysis, consulting and training.

 DiLorenzo has been a speaker and instructor for many bank and marketing associations including: Mississippi Bankers Association, American Bankers Association, Independent Community Bankers Association of America, Georgia Bankers Association, Community Bankers Association of Georgia, The Bank Holding Company Inc., The North Dakota Bankers Association and The Center for Financial Training.