Girls High School Basketball

OUR MOTTO is “to train and develop future CEO’s, executives, professionals,entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, spiritual leaders, community activists, financial advisers, doctors, scientists, engineers, technologists, artists, mathematicians, politicians, professional athletes, and leaders with a global mindset”.

FOOTNOTE: As of October 1, 2014, we as an organization have decided to suspended the vision of continue our girls basketball team and our other sports teams in order to focus on our core vlaue of educating today's youth with the exception of Track and Field, Bowling, and Golf.

SUMMER 2014 

On April 5, 2014, CEO Henderson informs  the "Royal King" Girls High School Basketball Team Student-Athletes about the incorporation of the team's "13 Point Student-Athlete Awards Program" valued at $700.

On March 29, 2014, and April 5, 2014, the "Royal King" Girls High School Basketball Team had their third and fourth practices at the Wade Walker Park - YMCA (Rockbridge).  On March 29, 2014, CEO Henderson introduces to the team the YBU Coaches and Parents vs. Players Basketball Practice Challenge.  On April 5, 2014, CEO Henderson exhibits the YBU Coaches and Parents vs. Players Basketball Practice Challenge Traveling Trophy.  Since the introduction of this challenge, the coaches and parents have won 4 practice games and the players 1. Click on selected picture to make larger.

On March 22, 2014, the "Royal King" Girls High School Basketball Team has their second practice at the Wade Walker Park - YMCA (Rockbridge) with two of their basketball players. Click on selected picture to make larger.

On March 22, 2014, Youth Business Univeristy makes history by hiring their first College Basketball Student-Athlete Intern.  Below you will find College Basketball Player Broughton coming in town from Oklahoma State to attend  the "Royal King" Girls High School Basketball Team second practice.  At practice, she receives the book "Teen Success" which was contributed to Youth Business University by their sponsor "Success Maganize". Click on selected picture to make larger.

On March 15, 2014, the "Royal King" Girls High School Basketball Team makes history by having their first practice at the Wade Walker Park - YMCA (Rockbridge) with three of their basketball players from left to right: CEO Jeffery D. Henderson, Head Coach Demetrius Hodges, Player Jordan Watts, Player Ariana Henderson, Player Victoria Syphoe, and Executive Coach Hula Broughton.

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On February 23, 2014, we had our first of three Youth Business University in Class Girls Basketball Skills, Drills, Techniques, and Tactics Path to Success Workshop.

This workshop was held at Stars and Strikes Entertainment Center  (1741 Mountain Industrial Blvd, Stone Mountain, GA 30083.

This workshop was exclusive for all young ladies who joined the YBU AAU Girls Basketball Team for this upcoming 2014 spring and summer basketball seasons.  The workshop included the following:

  • (10 Minutes) Meet and greet of coaches, athletes, and parents 
  • (20 Minutes) Overview and direction of the the YBU AAU Girls Basketball Team (i.e. off and on court skills assessment of players, individual and team skills training, tournaments, summer camps, playing in a league, volunteer services, team building/fun activities) 
  • (10 Minutes) Election of a Girls Basketball Uniform Design Committee
  • (5 Minutes) Capital Funding Campaigns/Fundraising
  • (10 Minutes) Overview of other upcoming workshops during 2013 -2014
    • Get it Together for College - A Planner to Help you get Organized and Get In - Clear and Simple Tips, Checklists, and Timelines
    • Success for Teens: Real Teens Talk About Using the Slight Edge
      • Little Things Matter
      • Attitude is Everything
      • Use the Moment
      • Everything Starts with Small Steps
      • There's No Such Thing As Failure
      • Habits Are Powerful
      • You're Always Learning
      • Making Your Dream Come True
      • The Slight Edge Principles
      • Resources for Teens
    • Youth on the Move - A Job Readiness Guide for Youth
  • (15 Minutes) Off Court Skills Assessment and Quiz
  • (5 Minutes) Overview of Key Basketball Resources
    • NBA Basketball Offense Basics: Shooting, Passing, Dribbling, Scoring, and Rebounding
    • Basketball Steps to Success: 
  • (10 Minutes) Establishing Basketball Buddy Accountability Partner (2 players each)
  • (30 minutes) Special Jerry V. Krause, Don Meyer, and Jerry Meyer Basketball Skills & Drills DVD Presentation(Part 1 of 3)
    • Basic Body Control
      • Quick Stance
      • Quick Starts, Steps, Turns, and Stops
      • Quick Jumps
      • Basic Body-Control
    • Advanced Body Control
      • Concepts of Moving Without the Ball
      • Basic Moves or Steps Without the Ball
      • Screen Moves
      • Drills for Moving Without the Ball
    • Ball-handing
      • Passing and Catching
      • Passing Principles
      • Types of Passes
      • Catching Principles
      • Communication of Passing and Catching
      • Dribbling
      • Basic Ball-hanging Drills
    • Discussion of DVD
  • (5 Minutes) Wrap Up
  • Adjourn

On February 20, 2014, Youth Business University was proud to 01 girls basketball.jpg - 9.41 KBannounce the establishment of a strong girls high school basketball coaching staff which includes the following:

Executive Head Coach:  Hula Broughton

Head Coach: Demetrius Hodges

Note: Both Hulo and Demetrius coached the CCHS Girls Basketball Team during the off season two years old.

Assistant Head Coach: Kenetta Kelly MuhammadAssistant (AAU Coach Certified)
Basketball Coach::Dexter Sharpe (AAU Coach Certified)
Assistant Basketball Coach: Harold Fabre
Assistant Basketball Coach::Paul Benitez
Assistant Basketball Coach: Jeffery D. Henderson

Individual and Team Trainer: Anthony Delevoe
Basketball Camp Trainer: Rosaria Rice
Endurance and Track Coach: Open Position

Track and Field Consultant: Sonja Felton

Youth Health and Nutrition Coach: Dr. Nazeera Dawood

Youth Motivational Coach:  Dr. Mel Colon