Youth Athletes Workshops

Youth Business University’s Life Skills programs for our Student-Athletes will be launched in 2015. 

These programs will assist Student-Athletes pertaining to opportunities to engage in enriching activities while building strategies for leading a productive life - in school, and beyond. 

Student-Athletes will find useful information about Academic Strategies, Career Development, Civic Engagement, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness, Leadership and Teamwork in Organizations, Personal Development, Practical and Household Skills, and Transitions.

We also plan to offer the following services:

Bureau of Study Counsel
The Bureau of Study Counsel will be a counseling and learning resource center that encourages the development of the "whole person" in the interrelated realms of intellectual, emotional, and social life. Student-Athletes will consult with the Bureau regarding a wide variety of academic issues and personal concerns.

Office of Career Services
The Office of Career Services (OCS) will support all Student-Athletes and alumni of Youth Business University in exploring and making effective career and educational choices.

Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Services
The Office of Alcohol and Other Drug Services (AODS) will offer a wide range of programs and services that seek to meet the needs of the Youth Business University sports community through prevention, education, intervention, policy development and treatment.

Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
The Office of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response will provide confidential support, information, and resource referrals to victims of sexual violence.

Advising Programs Office
The Advising Programs Office will provide Youth Business University Student-Athletes with information about numerous academic topics including courses, concentrations, honors, scholarships, and study abroad.

AAPEX (Athletic, Academic, and Personal Excellence)
AAPEX is a service will be reserved specifically for Youth Business University Student-Athletes. AAPEX will provide academic counseling; general personal counseling; vocational counseling; decision-making assistance; and conflict resolution assistance.